Good read + what’s going on!

It’s been awhile! I’ve been away working and I even celebrated my birthday this past weekend, again thanks for all the birthday love! Also one thing I’ve been doing lately is gradually getting back into is reading. Of course you can buy books or download things on iBooks, or any device you have nowadays but nothing compares to having an actual book in hand! This book in particular is called “Side Hustle”. One thing it’s helped me with so far is deciding what to do first. For me, I feel like I’m sort of creative and I like to do multiple things at once which is not always doable. So this is my step to step guide to start one thing first, focus and if it’s not working out or benefiting me to then start my plan b. Sounds simple but sometimes you need direction and I would highly recommend this book if you are anything like me when it comes to trying everything at one time. This book is a follow up to the ” The $100 startup” book that will be next on my list once this one is complete. Pictured is what the book looks like, followed by my MacBook/camera and of course one of my favorite funko pops: Bob from Bob’s Burgers lol.

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